1.POCE.2: High Card DOM


Build on your work in the High Card repo from Module 1.3: High Card DOM. Remember to work on a forked copy of the Coding Bootcamp High Card repo, and submit a Pull Request once done.


Complete the entire High Card game as described in Module 1.3: High Card DOM.


High / Low Card

The players can draw multiple cards each. The winner is the player who has the greatest difference in rank between the highest and lowest cards in his hand.
Change the CSS of the game so that each players' cards are displayed in a row.

More Comfortable

Card Display

Arrange the cards so that the highest and lowest cards in the hand are displayed next to each other in the row.

Number of Cards

Create a text input. The players will decide before hand how many cards will be drawn per player in the game by typing a number in the input and clicking a button.
During game play the players can draw in any order until the set number of cards has been drawn. Display the winner after the last card has been drawn.

Reference Solution

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