1.POCE.3: Match Game


Build on your Match Game from Module 1.6: Match Game. Remember to work on a forked copy of the Coding Bootcamp Match Game repo, and submit a Pull Request when finished.
Complete the match game by building more complete DOM elements for the cards. (show the card suit and name when it gets turned over).
Display on the screen somewhere the state of the game, i.e., the user needs to click another card, or the user didn't find a match, etc.


Match Game setTimeout

Optimise the Match Game to use setTimeout. When the user clicks another square, turn the card over and if it doesn't match the first card, show it to the user for 3 seconds then turn it back over.


Match Game Match

When the user matches a card, show a match message for 3 seconds, then make it disappear.

More Comfortable

Match Game Timer

Give the user 3 minutes to complete the game. You can't display a countdown timer until we learn setInterval, so the user won't be able to see the time left.

Full Match Game

Implement a full match game:
  1. 1.
    The player can enter their name
  2. 2.
    The game has a reset button
  3. 3.
    The game keeps score of wins

Match Game Win Message

When the user matches all the cards, show a special message on screen for 5 seconds.

Reference Solution

Click here to see the reference solution for this post class.