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1: Frontend Basics Teaching Guide
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3: Backend Applications Teaching Guide
4: Backend Structure Teaching Guide
5: Full-Stack Applications Teaching Guide
6: Frontend Infrastructure Teaching Guide
7: React Teaching Guide
8: Advanced React Teaching Guide
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Algorithms Teaching Guide
Interview Prep Teaching Guide
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6.0: Module 6 Overview

Full Stack App with Webpack

We'll add front-end asset pre-compilation with Webpack, adding modules into our front-end code.
Front-end infrastructure means server-side libraries that we will run before the server is turned on, or, after we are done coding the front-end.
Having a workflow where we get to run tooling over our front-end code has many advantages, some of which we'll discuss in this module.
In a real-world production setting there may be many different layers of this front-end infrastructure, beyond the scope of what we'll discuss here, including CDNs and deployment build infrastructure.
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