Course Schedule
0: Language and Tooling Teaching Guide
1: Frontend Basics Teaching Guide
2: Backend Basics Teaching Guide
3: Backend Applications Teaching Guide
4: Backend Structure Teaching Guide
5: Full-Stack Applications Teaching Guide
6: Frontend Infrastructure Teaching Guide
7: React Teaching Guide
8: Advanced React Teaching Guide
9: Advanced Topics Teaching Guide
Algorithms Teaching Guide
Interview Prep Teaching Guide
User Experience Teaching Guide
7.0: Module 7 Overview


React is a front-end library that allows us to easily display JavaScript data and write logic for displaying data in an easy way, by abstracting away DOM manipulation. React is an alternative to other frontend frameworks that accomplish similar functionality such as Vue and Angular.
React is not to be confused with mobile frameworks such as React Native and Flutter. RN and Flutter allow us to create mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single language, JS for RN and Dart for Flutter.
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