7.0: Module 7 Overview

What is React?

​React is a frontend JavaScript (JS) library that allows us to create custom, nestable UI elements with a combination of HTML and JS syntax (JSX syntax). The HTML-like nature of JSX makes visualising React UI elements in code easier than with pure JS DOM manipulation. The JS functionality in JSX makes it easy to write logic for rendering dynamic data in React. Other less popular but not uncommon frontend frameworks that accomplish similar functionality include Vue and Angular.
Browsers do not natively read React code (i.e. browsers natively read HTML, CSS, JS; not JSX). This is why we need Webpack to translate our React code into vanilla HTML, CSS and JS for our browsers to understand.
There is a mobile framework called React Native that, while not React, utilises and repurposes React code for native development. React Native allows us to create mobile apps for iOS and Android using JSX.
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