7.POCE.1: Bugs


Render an array of objects using JSX.


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    Follow the instructions in Module 7.1: JSX to set up Webpack for React.
  3. 3.
    Copy the contents of this JSON file into index.js. You can also make a module for this data if you would like.


Render the data in the array onto the screen. The HTML should look like the following.
<p>id: 1</p>
<p>problem: Use the back-end PCI panel, then you can copy the 1080p card!</p>
<p>error text: We need to override the auxiliary PNG pixel!</p>
<p>created: 2020-12-28T09:02:15.112Z</p>
<p>updated: 2020-12-28T09:02:15.112Z</p>
<p>user email: [email protected]</p>
<p>feature: alarm-calculate</p>


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    Install Moment.js and format the dates to time from now.​
  2. 2.
    Use CSS so that each of the features is coloured the same colour.

Reference solution

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