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0: Language and Tooling Teaching Guide
1: Frontend Basics Teaching Guide
2: Backend Basics Teaching Guide
3: Backend Applications Teaching Guide
4: Backend Structure Teaching Guide
5: Full-Stack Applications Teaching Guide
6: Frontend Infrastructure Teaching Guide
7: React Teaching Guide
8: Advanced React Teaching Guide
9: Advanced Topics Teaching Guide
Algorithms Teaching Guide
Interview Prep Teaching Guide
User Experience Teaching Guide
A.0: Algorithms Overview


Data structures and algorithms (DS&A) questions are a cornerstone of coding interviews. These will be similar to questions asked on popular interview prep platforms such as Leetcode or Hackerrank, or mentioned in well-known interview prep material such as Cracking the Coding Interview. DS&A topics are typically covered in university Computer Science curricula, and bootcamp grads are typically weak in these topics.
During the 2nd half of Coding Bootcamp we will learn the concepts behind and drill DS&A interview questions such that we can succeed in most such interview scenarios when we graduate.


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    How to Prepare for Software Engineering Interviews:​
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    Cracking the Coding Interview (file below)
Cracking the Coding Interview
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