A.2: Intro to Python
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Rocket recommends doing DS&A interviews in Python instead of JavaScript because the concise and English-like nature of Python syntax may enable more efficient use of time in a time-pressured interview setting. This is why Python is the most popular language for solving DS&A problems. In addition, Python is the most popular language for data-related work, e.g. data analytics or data science, thus it will be in students' favour to learn Python in addition to JavaScript.

Python Quirks

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    Python variables adhere to function scope, which means all local variables are accessible within the function in which they are declared. This is different from the block scope that applies to let and const vars in JavaScript.
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    Python == works like JS ===, in that both operators compare both value and data type.


The following are a collection of concise exercises from (powered by that we believe will be helpful to you to do before starting DS&A practice with Rocket.
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    ​Hello, World!​
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    ​Basic Operators​
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