UX.1: Overview

UX and Projects

When we work on the Rocket projects the main goal will always be the technical implementation of a software application given some goals and a set of technologies. However, for writing any software it is very important to be able to keep the high-level goals in mind. In the case of web and internet technologies these are usually focused around human users. To that end it's important to learn some why a product may or may not include some functionality and to be able to think about those reasons from first principles.

Web Software is for Users

During each project the goal should be, in addition to the technical execution, to be able to rationalize about the project's usefulness to a hypothetical user. It is an important and valuable aspect of creating user-facing software to be able to understand the decision making process behind the technical implementation.

What are we creating?

The context of the projects can be put in the context of building a green-field digital product, and the workflow that most closely resembles that idea would be a digital product startup. This video describes a common approach to building a company around a new idea and how the idea can turn into a successful business if it solves a real user problem.
The video is a summary of the popular business strategy book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Steps to create a successful company:

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1. What does it mean to design something?

What kind of approach can we take to build a digital product? The term (buzz-word) for the umbrella process (that includes the lean startup methodology described above) is design thinking. Design thinking is a way to approach creating things that are useful for users.

Stages of Design Thinking:

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