1.0: Module 1 Overview
Front End Basics


In Basics, the focus was mainly on learning programming principles using a JavaScript sandbox. The focus of Bootcamp is to round out the skills necessary to become a great SWE.
Module 1 will cover foundational front-end concepts such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS). All websites on the internet are composed of HTML and CSS, and most websites we use regularly use JS to provide interactivity.
HTML, CSS, and JS concepts do not only apply to making websites viewed on a traditional computer. These front-end concepts apply to mobile-optimised websites, mobile apps, and even desktop applications. While mobile and desktop apps may not always use the specific languages of HTML and CSS, the languages of their respective front ends typically bear resemblance to the canonical HTML and CSS concepts.

Learning Objectives

  1. 1.
    Learn the basics of constructing the layout of a webpage in HTML and CSS.
  2. 2.
    Dive deeper into JS fundamentals with more complex callbacks, deal with scope in callbacks.