1.E.1: Recipe Site

Learning Objectives

  1. Know how to build an HTML site from scratch

  2. Know how to use Git commits and GitHub pull requests


Create a website that showcases your favourite recipes.


  1. Fork and clone a copy of Rocket's Recipe Site repo

  2. Google for at least 4 recipes from at least 2 cuisines and save an image of each dish in the repo

  3. Create an HTML page for each recipe, where each page has the following info

    1. Recipe title

    2. Ingredients

    3. Preparation time

    4. Instructions

    5. Image of dish (use img tag referencing image saved in repo)

  4. Create a home page that links to each recipe's page with an a tag. Create a link on each recipe page linking back to the home page.

  5. The application is as follows:

    1. Pages should be set up in this manner.

      Homepage Listing Cuisines -> Cuisine Listing Recipes --> Recipe
  6. You will need to create sub pages for each cuisine and then sub pages for each recipe listed on the Cuisine pages.

  7. Deploy your site to the internet with GitHub Pages

  8. Create a pull request to the main branch in Rocket's repo and share the PR link in your section Slack channel

Reference Solution

Here is reference code and a reference deployment for this exercise.

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