4.P: Capstone


Build an Application that solves a problem you have using any technologies. Rocket encourages you to use at least 1 technology you have not used before. Rocket expects you to justify your technology choices and articulate tradeoffs between available options. This project can be done individually or in a group. In this project we expect that you will develop an Frontend Application that interfaces with your own Backend Server that is connected to a Database. This Application must have at least the same level of complexity as your previous P2 and P3. If in doubt, ask your section leader.


App Stack

This project must be a Frontend Application that communicates with an Backend Server that is able to interface with a Database to persist information. Both the Frontend and Backend should be protected from malicious behaviour by leveraging Auth0 or JWT. Additionally to this we expect that you implement a new technology.

User Interface




Code Quality

Project Management


Solve a problem you have with 1 or more new technologies. Past students have built web apps, mobile apps, data visualisations, worked with blockchain, graphics, machine learning. Follow your interests, and consider how you might present this project to target employers for a job. If you are keen on working in a specific industry, consider building a project related to that industry.

If you wish to build an app that involves real-time location tracking in a virtual world, consider using Socket.IO over Firebase for lower latency. If you wish to build an app that involves live-streaming video or audio, consider using WebRTC, the technology used by Zoom, Google, and Facebook for their video-conferencing apps.


You will have almost twice the amount of time for your capstone than other projects. Consider using the first days to experiment with new technologies before deciding on an idea and tech stack.

Project DayCheckpointFeedback


Ideation phase 1

Post project ideas in Slack for feedback

SL to review ideas and share feedback


Ideation phase 2 Create planning docs: user stories, wireframes, kanban board

SL to review planning docs and share feedback





MVP deadline Users can complete the primary user story

SL to review code in GitHub, share feedback





Feature freeze

No new features, focus on polishing existing features and code to be presentable

SL to review progress and share post-feature-freeze suggestions





Project presentations

Practise explaining your work to others. Other batches will join and we will celebrate each others' hard work.

SL to review code in GitHub, share feedback in 30-minute post-mortem meeting


Demo video Record a demo video for employers and the public, embed in README


Feel free to use setups from past projects or a completely new setup depending on the technologies you are using.


Please deploy using any deployment tool that makes most sense for your app. Feel free to try new tools that we have not used before in Bootcamp.


Add your Project 4 repo link to the Rocket Bootcamp Projects spreadsheet in your batch-specific sheet. Feel free to review past student projects in previous batches' sheets.

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