IP.3: Portfolio


Your portfolio is your summary of all the coding work you've done. The goal of the portfolio (similar to a resume) is to impress prospective employers, ideally within 5 seconds of them looking at the page, such that they are willing to dig deeper into your projects and code and/or invite you for an interview.

How to Create Portfolio

Plan your portfolio

To start, you can compile your projects you wish to share into a page on Notion. Follow the guide below for each project.


  1. 1.
    Brief self-introduction
    1. 1.
      Who are you?
    2. 2.
      Why did you choose to be a software engineer?
      1. 1.
        Note: You are already a software engineer, not an "aspiring" software engineer
    3. 3.
      What are you looking for in your next job?


Each template contains a separate HTML page for each project you want to list.
  1. 1.
    Provide context around each project:
    1. 1.
      Screenshots / GIFs of use
      1. 1.
        spend some time to compile and properly size the screenshots of the projects
    2. 2.
      Demo Video
      1. 1.
        embed the demo video from YouTube
    3. 3.
      Project website
      1. 1.
        Please ensure it is working, and install HTTPS if possible!
      2. 2.
        Please eliminate bugs as much as possible
    4. 4.
      Project GitHub link
      1. 1.
        Please remove commented-out code, clarify variable names, add comments where helpful, and create helper functions where certain logic may be too long, complex, or repetitive.
    5. 5.
      What technologies did you use
    6. 6.
      (Optional) What did you learn from this project?
    7. 7.
      (Optional) What was most challenging about this project and how did you overcome it
      1. 1.
        No more than 1 paragraph

Build the website

Choose a portfolio template from the compiled Rocket Academy pages here:​
These pages are already setup, but feel free to make small changes to them, i.e., color changes or to add sections. All the templates use Bootstrap.
Don't spend days to redo the template CSS into something fancier. The point of the portfolio website is to allow people who want to find out more about you to be able to gather information about your background and projects as quickly as possible.
Copy the code into a repo that you create and deploy using GitHub pages. You do not need to put any extra time into making the portfolio website powered by, for example, React or Express.js.
Access the code for the templates here:​

User Site

Create a "user site" GitHub pages repo: To publish a user site, you must create a repository owned by your user account that's named <username>
Github may require a config file called .nojekyll in order for the portfolio to be deployed correctly. THis file should be in the root of the repo. It should be empty.

Sample Portfolio Sites