IP.3: Portfolio


Your portfolio is your summary of all the coding work you've done. The goal of the portfolio (similar to a resume) is to impress prospective employers, ideally within 5 seconds of them looking at the page, such that they are willing to dig deeper into your projects and code and/or invite you for an interview.

What to include in your portfolio

Rocket recommends we build our portfolios as public Notion pages to focus more on content and less UI.


  1. Who are you?

  2. Why did you choose to be a software engineer?

    1. Note: You are already a software engineer, not an "aspiring" software engineer

  3. What are you looking for in your next job?


  1. Compile screenshots or GIFs of projects

  2. Embed demo video from YouTube

  3. Link project website. Ensure it works, and install HTTPS if possible!

  4. Link project GitHub. Remove commented-out code, clarify variable names, add comments where helpful, and create helper functions where certain logic may be too long, complex, or repetitive.

  5. List technologies

  6. (Optional) What did you learn from this project?

  7. (Optional) What was most challenging about this project and how did you overcome it?

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