Course Schedule
0: Language and Tooling Teaching Guide
1: Frontend Basics Teaching Guide
2: Backend Basics Teaching Guide
3: Backend Applications Teaching Guide
4: Backend Structure Teaching Guide
5: Full-Stack Applications Teaching Guide
6: Frontend Infrastructure Teaching Guide
7: React Teaching Guide
8: Advanced React Teaching Guide
9: Advanced Topics Teaching Guide
Algorithms Teaching Guide
Interview Prep Teaching Guide
User Experience Teaching Guide
8.0: Module 8 Overview

React Infrastructure

Use Create React App and hook it into a backend we create.
Add data control with Context.
Refactor and reuse wrapper components with Higher-Order components:
  • Detect Mobile Device HOC - for mobile device compass widget
React Router - Deep linking into React
Advanced usage of useEffect with setInterval
Use CSS inside a component with Styled Components - CSS Modules, SASS and css classes.
Use React Portals to set buttons outside the app.
Use NPM library components to integrate APIs and / or complex UIs into your app:
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