IP.4: Job List


After compiling your resume and portfolio, it's time to compile a job lists and systematically track the jobs we have applied to and are interviewing at. This will help us maximise our chances and not waste time with companies that may be slow to respond.
Please continually update your jobs list. The standard is 20 new job applications per week. Remember that this is a numbers game, and the more jobs we apply to, the higher our chances of success. Don't give up!

Jobs List

We will use Huntr to help us track our jobs. Huntr is on the cloud, allowing Rocket Academy to see your latest job list at any time, helping with referrals.
To start, find 20 jobs you are interested in using the methods described in the Job Application Strategy submodule. Compile these jobs in your Huntr Board.
Sample Huntr board

Track Job Applications

Track every interview in Huntr by adding Activities to the companies we interview with to help Rocket's placement team guide you.
Huntr UI to track job applications
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